Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The courtyard seat is finished

The painting of the seat took longer than planned, as the weather wasn't the best for spraying, either too windy or rain, so I just had to go for it first thing the other morning and got the majority of the seat with one coat. The electric sprayer was pretty good, but I need to practice a bit more.

All painted
 This old table is very handy and I use it to put the washing basket and pegs on while I am hanging out the washing. So time for a new top and a bit more of the macrocarpa planks were just perfect. The first plank on the left has had a coat of shellac, and brings out the lovely colour of the timber.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Courtyard Seat

The new seat is nearly finished, just waiting to be painted and a few finishing touches to tidy it up.

I was really pleased with the table I made for the courtyard, so it was time to start on the seat and I used a basic plan that used 2 x 4's, nice and strong and easy to put together. Because it is for outside I used stainless steel screws and this is how I did it.

The basic frame

Handy hint, when matching pieces draw on a triangle and number it.

Handy hint, mark which face you want to see.

Brilliant right angle clamps, makes it easy to glue and screw.

An old door about to be pulled apart for the seat slats.

This door came from the school bus shed and was solidly made of Rimu T &G and took a lot of hard work to take it apart, unfortunately the T&G was so heavily painted over it split, so I had to take some off.

Demo in progress

Once the slats were cleaned up they were attached to the base, time for the legs.

Clamps are so, so handy while it is getting glued and screwed.

Getting the cross beams in place.
So today it was all about finishing the back slats and also the capping, I didn't have enough slats, so a nice piece of skirting came in handy.

Working out how the back will look.
And the finished seat is looking pretty good and I got to use the brad gun again, yippee.

Friday, February 20, 2015

It's been a while

Not too sure where the last couple of months have gone, interesting, but I have not been idle. Mainly working in the garden and no time for the workshop, until now. Now that the new roof is on and there are plans afoot to change the courtyard and build a covered deck, but that is a future plan. In the meantime I thought I would make an outdoor coffee table and I was given some scrap timber, perfect for the job.
The legs and rails are made from pine packers that were used when the timber for the roof was delivered, no need to waste perfectly good timber. And the pieces for the top are original planks of Macrocarpa from Orton Bradley Park cottage, when it was recalled. These would have been cut and then milled at the park, where they used a water wheel powered mill, it has been restored and is in full working order.
It always make a difference to have provenance of the timber I use, a bit of history. My Christmas present was a Ryobi brad gun and I haven't had a chance to use it until today, way cool !!!

The frame up on blocks before painting

Closeup of legs with pre-cut groove.

The planks for the top, with original paint.

Painted and distressed.

Fitting the top planks.

My new toy, a brad gun for Christmas.

Finished and in place, now for the new seat.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Our wee house was formally WW2 army huts and was moved to this site in crates and then reassembled, the crates were then used as the floor boards. So although it is beautiful native timber Rimu, they are not T&G, but that will be another adventure some other time.
For now it is all about the roof and while I am sitting here there is a lot of work going on and a lot of noise, all progress.
First came the scaffolding and then lots of work to remove the old boards and roofing iron.

End of the house, vege garden amazing !

As long as I don't have to go up there !

We have been really lucky this week to have had some fine weather and not too hot or windy.
All sorts of goodies under the roof, mouse skull.
And today the old iron has been coming off and the are preparing the roof to put on the new long run colour steel.

A view from the street.

A rats nest.
For such an old house it is remarkably sound, all nice and dry, no wonder the rats and mice like it so much.

And for something completely different. A new macrocarpa post ( a piece left over from the vegetable garden) and street number we added a few weeks ago and also the clematis that decided to die on me, has returned from the dead and doing well, so now I am busy training it on the screen I made.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The vegetable garden and a new area of grasses

It has taken a couple of weeks, but the new macrocarpa sleepers are all in place for the large vegetable garden and looking great. Once the potatoes and other vegetable are over, we will fill with some more soil and compost.

Lots of potatoes and rhubarb.

The onions are doing really well. 
The broad beans have gone nuts, triffids !
The long term plan is to get rid of as much of the lawn as we can and save hours of mowing, so I expanded the garden out the front on the road reserve. A quick spray to kill the grass and then a thick layer of wood chippings and brick edging.
New grasses garden.
I have several large pieces of Totara and have wanted to use them as garden art, these are maybe 800+ years old, just beautiful. It is a bit hard to see, as the grasses blend in to the wood chippings, but I have filled the whole area with native grasses, sedges and another Kowhai tree. In a few months it will look lovely.
The path.
This path was originally covered with the wood chippings, but that got moved to the new garden. So I ripped some boards and made pegs for the edging and hopefully this week the stone chip will be delivered (Teddington stone is a lovely orange colour). The road cones, well I kind of like them.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The garden and a visit to the Iris Garden in Motukara

Iris Garden lily pond 
very cool

The summer house

Although I have been working on the lower garden for the last few months there is always time for the vegetable garden and our latest project has been to use macrocarpa sleepers for the large vegetable garden, so last weekend we dug out all the old concrete edging and put in the sleepers two high on the downwards side and along the ends and next will be the other side, but only one high.

I loved this one with the bark still attached.

Decorating with Quotes

I was asked to curate a board on after showing a post of a frame I had used to show some quotes I had printed. And it was fun ! Looking at so many amazing ideas my fellow hometalkers come up with, very inspirational and lots of things I would like to try (soon, very soon).