Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stool #1 Slipcover

It seems once I get started it is all go, so next project has been a slipcover for my stool I made. And because I love leopard print it just had to be.

As furnishing or curtain fabric is so much more durable I had bought 1m of this lovely from Martha's Fabrics online, it won't wear out any time soon.

And there was just enough cording from the original cushion top to go around the top edge.
Sewing the cording on using a zipper foot and trying to stay as close in as possible for a neat edge.
Next it was adding the sides and making it a good tight fit over the cushion, if it's too baggy it just looks awful and will move around.
Making the pleats took some time and lots of pinning and pressing to get them to sit neatly and then I forgot about the bottom hem, damn! So all the bottom pins came out and then the edge was zigzagged and turned under, more pressing.
Attaching the pleated skirt was quite straight forward, but best done slowly going through a few layers of fabric.
Then the whole thing got another press.
And it's finished and oh so pretty !

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Updated Roman Blind

When I initially made this roman blind for the dining room I used red and white check fabric for the backing, as I had no lining. And also I used tape and no battens. Time to fix it, as it never sat properly or pulled up correctly.
And since it was cold and raining, the perfect indoor project.
I took down the blind and took it off the batten and spent ages unpicking the backing and also the tape.

Thin dowel and rings for the backing and new cord to freshen it all up.
The original batten, now I just have to remember which way it was screwed onto the window frame, so the holes match up, better to mark R or L.
A new pull, this makes such a difference to the overall look of the blind and it is easy to install.

Once the backing fabric is cut to size it is just a matter of turning in the side edges and the bottom, just a wee bit inside the main fabric. Best done on a table, it needs to be flat so you can check that it will fit and then press the edges under. I tend to always have the iron and board out, as I always press everything as I go, it gives a much better finish.
Next it was the channels for the dowel, this was really easy to get them straight using the squares on the fabric.
Once the channels were sewn and then sewn again to catch the front fabric, it was just a bit of time to sew on the small plastic rings, these need to match up with the eye rings in the top batten. It seems I have no sewing needles left, other than the monster I ended up using, hence the thimble.

Time to reattach the blind to the batten and thread the cord through the plastic rings and the eye rings and then put it back up on the window frame.

Finished, yeah !

Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's all go here!

Wow, one day it is all "normal", not too much happening and them wham, its all on. Tuesday night we had a burst water main outside the house, with many, many litres of water gushing through the garden and down the section.
Luckily this time it didn't go into and under the garage, that's just what happens in heavy rain, one of the drawbacks of being on the downward side of the road.
A quick call to the Christchurch City Council and then a matter of waiting and it wasn't too long before the first guy arrived, although he couldn't do too much as he couldn't turn off the valve. At about 2.30am I could hear them out there with a digger, digging up the road and they were still there at 6am.
So sometime during the night, early hours it was repaired and then wednesday another two crews arrived to reseal the road, out there in the rain, excellent guys.
Friday morning and now the last of the arborist trucks have left, after trimming the trees away from the power lines and the chimney sweep arrived in the middle of all of that. A busy morning, funny for such a quiet wee corner of paradise.

Water main repaired - ✔

Road resealed - ✔

Trees trimmed from power lines - ✔

Two bags of kindling from chimney sweep - ✔

Not a dull week - ✔

Sunday, July 6, 2014


I read a lovely post on Houzz about summer time with your dog and there were so many lovely photo's of dogs enjoying their Northern summer.
And in-between the cloudy sky we had a bit of sun, so I got a couple of photo's of Sam, where she doesn't look goofy.

A mixed bag

Today Monday 7th July is overcast and cold, so didn't really feel like spending too long outside. Just enough time to make a cover for the compost bin from left over planks. It is just enough to sit on the top of the compost, not attached, but it will keep most of the rain off.
Then it was time to pick some more flowers and the large Camellia has just started to bloom, so I picked a few, that I could reach. They don't last very long in a vase, but they are very pretty, lovely colour.

And some more shots of the skyline, always interesting and quite often dramatic.

Photo bombed by the clothesline, again !

The vegetable garden is still producing, it has been such a mild winter (so far), so other than the carrots, the brussel sprouts and leeks have kept us fed, I love being able to walk out to the garden to pick vegetables just before cooking. Always best to leave them until you are about to cook, as all the flavour and sugars are intact.


Brussel Sprouts

Friday, July 4, 2014

Vege Gardens continued.

It's beginning to look tidy ! Yay !
Although the wind was really cold today, I wanted to work on the two vege gardens and get them a bit tidier, it's never over.
First up was taking the tops of the pegs off with the electric saw, a great wee tool. And then it was just a matter of digging them over again and racking the soil flat and in to the corners.

Still lots of carrots left.

Also started the brick mowing strip and replanted the chives in each corner of this smaller garden.

Neater already and the bird watering platform is a huge hit with the locals.

Also the compost bin has been started, a layer of wood chippings and weeds from the big garden, yet to be edged. I said it never ends!

This will be getting a lot of use.

Friday 4th July

A trip in to town yesterday to meet a friend and I made a couple of new friends while I was waiting for her. 
These two gorgeous pups were sitting enjoying the sun and all the attention too !

I wanted to take them home, so cute and totally adorable .

Then the sunset was just beautiful, so snapped a couple of shots.