Sunday, September 21, 2014

Potting Bench

Yesterday we took 15 big rubbish bags of that most awful noxious weed "wandering willy" to the dump, impossible to compost or spray, the only way to get rid of it is to rack it up and then bag it up and take it to the dump. I did read an article that suggested chooks love it, but don't have any at the moment (it's in the plan to get some again).
It has taken many hours to clear it out and no doubt I will have to do it again, but for now it is gone. 
Anyway, after the dump and morning tea we went to one of my favourite spots to score some free pallets, alas only one and an odd assortment of wood.
Well, I couldn't get most of the nails and bolts out, so had to improvise, a lot. But the result isn't too bad at all, slightly wonky and definitely not my best work, it will do just fine.

The back legs

Ready for work.

The Garden

Just some photo's of the garden this month and what has started to bloom.

The oh so beautiful New Zealand native Clematis, will be getting some more, hopefully it is easy to strike .
Clematis Paniculata
Already covered in flowers
This is where I had planted a white hybrid Clematis, that got sick, so I cut it down to the ground and planted this one, but it seems the first one is recovering, so may have to move paniculata.
And the planter box and obelisk are all planted up and looking good, although perhaps not in the right spot yet?
Purple and white pansies 
The Sweet Peas just breaking through.
And some more from around the garden.
Bright green/yellow Euphorbia 
Green Rose

Rhododendron President Roosevelt

Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's Spring

And it is time to get out into the garden, weeding, trimming and best of all planting. This season my main project is getting the garden back from all the scrub and weeds, a very big job, luckily I have found a really great gardener to give me a hand and do some of the heavy stuff.
The new raised garden beds were already to go, so in went some of our homemade compost and after a trip to Mitre 10 for vegetable plants and some carrot seed tape (the only way to plant now, so easy), I planted out.

The broad beans looking pretty good
I have never grown broad beans, so thought it would be worth a try and they are going well, these are from seedlings, not seed.
Lettuce and beetroot
Just as well I used the wire cloches, as the sparrows have eaten all the leaves on the peas !
They looked fine from a distance, but
Not a leaf left, at least they don't eat the tomatoes in side the obelisk.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Recently I wrote to the editor of Renovate magazine and my letter was published and it seems I also went in the draw to win a mocka wooden stool, and I won !
So this morning the parcel arrived and I have just spent some time putting it together, easy as !.

All the pieces ready for assembly

It was a lovely surprise to win something and it is such a pretty thing.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Recycled wood Cabbage Trees and the Bronze Corgi's

On Saturday we went in to town for lunch at the Mediterranean Cafe, delicious food and coffee as always.
Further down Tuam Street towards C1 cafe on High St was the most amazing sight, giant Cabbage Trees made from recycled wood and they were big.
Absolutely stunning, no idea who made them, but very clever.
Look how small the people are!
The lovely facade of the McKenzie & Willis building in the background.
Fantastic details

McKenzie & Willis building facade, please fix it !

And then across the road outside C1 the very cute bronze Corgi's are back, missed these wee guys after the earthquakes, now back where they belong.

Out for a walk.

Taking himself for a walk.

Hey wait for me!

Ooh an icecream!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Planter Box and another obelisk

The first obelisk turned out to be a wee bit wide for the planter box, so I thought I would make another one and smaller. It didn't take too long and I managed one coat of paint as well. It is a bit wonky (sounds familiar).

Also I had a brainwave and used some wooden knobs for the four corners, they work just fine.

The inside isn't painted, as it will have a plastic pot.
The driveway is on a slope, not the obelisk.
Not too bad at all.

Just a couple of photo's of the build for the obelisk, nothing too fancy or difficult. Made with treated timber.

First two sides.

The capping and the first coat of paint.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Planter Box continued.

Okay a wee bit of snow on the ground and it was so cold out in the garage I couldn't feel my feet, they are still trying to warm up.

Yesterday I finally had to actually buy some timber, as I needed treated timber for the capping, non treated would rot out far too quickly. So off to Mitre 10 in Ferrymead (my favourite shop) and because the new car is a wee bit smaller I had to get him to cut the lengths in to three. It all fitted in and I now seem to have too much, so another planter box might be on the way, maybe a bit smaller though.

Clamped in place before I nail them on.
Around the top and bottom edges I used thin (40 x 5mm) strips to finish, helps to hide all the unsightly bits.
The corners are dreadful, but I really don't care.
The top capping in place, still haven't worked out the capping for the top of the legs, working on that.

The paint will hide all sorts of muck ups.

Before I got frost bite I did an undercoat, I use four blocks of wood, plus little pieces to raise the legs up, so I can paint the legs easily, no sticking to the newspaper.